About Us

Some people collect wines. I collect wine labels. There…I said it. I’m a wine label junkie. I love the way they look. I love the way they work. That’s what this blog is all about: The art of the wine package, its blend of beauty, technology and function.

As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by package design. My dad owned a night club (yes, you can say it. I grew up in a bar). As a child I often accompanied him in the morning to prepare for the evening’s business.  He would cut limes and lemons for various concoctions, and I would stare at the shelves full of specialty liqueur bottles. The curious Pinsch bottle with its wire net and the tall triangular Galliano drew me like a moth to flame.

Looking back, these mornings with my Dad are what ignited my passion for graphic design.  Today, as the owner of Sugarman Design Group, a studio specializing in brand identity and package design, my favorite projects are wine labels.  Jen and Jodi, the other designers on my team had similar experiences which led them to advanced degrees in graphic design, illustration and marketing. In spite of our best efforts, this compulsion drives us to linger and ogle each time we are in the wine aisle.

Wine Labels That Work is not about wine. It’s about wine art. The beauty and the work created to sell the juice. It’s a place to celebrate tiny details that designers obsess over…and take notice of the blurry line where art and marketing meet. The fact that I’ve been a part of this crazy business for so long may provide an interesting point of view. I hope so. My aim is to share what I observe as I cruise the world of wine labels. I would be pleased if you want to share in return.